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Tables of Organization (T/Os)

Photocopy Index Notes

General Notes

Item No. This is also the T/O number.
Title Title of the T/O.
Date Date of the T/O.
Changes Wherever a no.1, no.s 1 - 4, etc. appears in the Changes column, it indicates that a Change(s) was published against the document. The page count also includes the pages of this change(s).
Type T/Os marked with a "D" provide detailed information down to each man and piece of equipment in the unit. T/Os marked with an "S" provide summary information only. They do not show all details of their subordinate units. Below is a table of summary T/Os and their subordinate T/Os. Please order the T/Os listed in the right hand column for all subordinate unit details. Please also note that some of the subordinate units in the right hand column are themselves summary T/Os (with their own subordinate units).

Summary T/O Subordinate T/Os
E-5 E-1, E-3 & E-4
E-10 E-5, E-7 & E-9
E-100 E-10
(& others which MRS does not possess at this time)
F-5 F-1 & F-4
F-10 F-5, F-7 & F-9
F-100 F-10
(& others which MRS does not possess at this time)
G-4 G-2 & G-3
G-5 G-1 & G-4
G-10 G-5, G-7 & G-9

Specific Notes

Note 1 This document is retyped from the original T/O, with all data faithfully reproduced. The original T/O could not be used for photocopying due to its poor condition.
Note 2 Includes changes as of 22 July 1944.
Note 3 The only equipment data provided by this T/O is the individual weapon assignment (i.e. whether the Marine carried a carbine, pistol, rifle, or automatic rifle).
Note 4 This T/O was approved 1 May 45 and revised 17 October 45
Note 5 It would appear that since Okinawa was invaded on 1 April 45 that these Marine units would not have been organized under these T/Os. However, pages 694-695 of the book Victory and Occupation , by B. M. Frank and H. I. Shaw, Jr., Volume V of the History of U. S. Marine Corps Operations in World War II, states:
"Although the G-Series [Marine Division] T/O was not published until 4 September 1945, after the Pacific War had ended, the tables of some division units had been published earlier. For example, the T/O for an infantry regiment is dated 1 May 1945, but this is misleading because many of the changes inherent in the G-Series had been made before this time. A case in point is the fact that the Marine infantry regiments which landed on Okinawa just a month before the T/O publication date were organized in accordance with these tables. ... Further indicating that the 1st and 6th Marine Divisions were organized on Okinawa in accordance with the G-Series tables is the fact that the 75mm self-propelled gun platoon had been replaced by the 105mm self-propelled howitzer platoon in the regimental weapons company prior to the landing."
Note 6 This T/O contains a few hand markings but is legible.

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