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Introduction to MRS

Military Research Service (MRS) provides research and photocopies of out-of-print and hard-to-find historical military publications from our large privately-held collection. Our intended clients include military researchers, historians, librarians, wargamers, veterans, and generally anyone interested in military history.

The majority of our research involves Tables of Organization and Equipment (T/O&Es) of the United States Army in World War II (c. 1941-1945). Our collection of over 500 T/O&Es is the result of many years of research into this specific topic and time period. Our exhaustive research involves searching many libraries, historical associations, government archives, and other potential sources of information.

The goal of MRS is to make our researched historical information and knowledge available for both the present generation and for those future generations yet to come. In doing so we wish to honor and sustain the memory of those men and women who have advanced the cause of Freedom through their service in our country's Armed Forces.

The development of the Internet has provided the ideal medium to make our many years of research available to general public (i.e. anyone with access to the world wide web) at a very reasonable price. Our prices cover the costs of photocopying, handling, packaging, and postage, as well as providing for a small portion of our costs to continue our research.

MRS is a part-time, privately-owned and -operated establishment which serves the general public. MRS is not affiliated with any governmental agency nor academic institution.

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